Aviation Medical Examination

Standard ophthalmic exam

Standard ophthalmic exam

To train as a pilot you must undergo an Aviation Medical examination. These are “general” medicals and anyone with good general health should have no trouble passing.

The tests include an ECG (for the heart), an audio test and an eye test (note: wearing glasses/contact lenses does NOT prevent you from passing this medical. Your eyesight would need to be very poor before it becomes a problem).

For basic questions you can contact us (we are not aviation medical experts) or if your question is of a more complex nature contact your nearest aviation medical examiner.

If you are studying for the Commercial Pilot Licence you will need a Class 1 Aviation Medical. If you are ONLY studying for the Private Pilot Licence then a Class 2 aviation medical is all you need.


Please note:

Before you undertake your aviation medical you must apply to CASA for an ARN (Aviation Reference Number). Once you have your ARN you can then book your aviation medical – don’t forget to take your ARN with you. You will need complete an application form (Form 1162) – Download Here

You will need 100 Points of Identification – see the list of documents here 
Many of these choices will not be suitable for you as an International Student so we suggest using the following documents:
* Your passport (70 points)
* Your certified Fulll Birth Certificate (70 points)
If you have these two documents you will have a total of 140 points so you will meet the 100 point requirement.
25 Point Documents
* Birth Extract
* Credit Card or Account Card
* Bank Statement
* Utility Bill/Account with your name on the Bill/Account
* If using Passport and 25 Point documents, you will need 2 x 25 Point documents to reach the 100 Point requirement
* Documents issued outside Australia must have official translation attached
* Your documents need to be Certified or Notarised


Once your ARN is issued you then need to register with the MRS (Medical Records System) https://mrs.casa.gov.au/Applicant/

Note: the certification you are registering for is a Class 1 medical (unless in one of the categories outlined above)

When registering there are a number of questions that might be a little confusing so please take note of the following:

  • Class 1 Type of Operations Intended – select “Commercial Pilot”
  • Select “Single Pilot”
  • Select Aircraft “<5700kg MTOW”

Once you are registered, you can then make your appointment with a CASA approved medical examiner for your aviation medical.

You can find an approved doctor here