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The IFR Rating (Instrument Flight Rules) allows you to go flying anywhere anytime, and in most cases you are not limited by weather. We teach you how to take on the challenging roll of flying the aircraft solely with reference to Instruments in various weather conditions.

This rating, available on a Private or higher category of Licence, authorizes the holder to fly in instrument conditions (usually in cloud).

The Training

Your training commences in the increasingly popular Elite ST200 flight simulator. This trainer is set up either in its single engine or twin-engine mode with the available aircraft including the PA28R Arrow, Baron and Travel Air. The system is fully computerised with all types of navaids, including DME and GPS, and can simulate all sorts of procedures including Air Traffic Control, weather, and the most important emergency procedures that cannot be practiced in real flight. The trainer is also used for recency requirements.

We recommend at least 15 Hours in the simulator and the remaining hours in the aircraft. This cuts down the cost of the IFR Rating. The Multi-rating is conducted in the Beechcraft BE76 Duchess

Minimum Requirements

  • Pass in the Instrument Rating Theory Exam (IREX)
  • Private Pilot Licence
  • Current medical
  • 50 hours cross-country flight time as pilot in command
  • 40 hours instrument time (including a minimum of 20 hours in an aircraft)

The Flight Test

At the completion of your training for the IFR Rating you will be tested. Our Testing officer will need to spend a good part of the day with you to test your general knowledge of the flight rules associated with IFR Flight. If you pass the theory you will then demonstrate your skills in the aircraft, which will consist of approximately 2-3 hours flying.

Note. This course information is for local Australian residents not requiring a student visa, training only. If you are an International Prospective Student and would like information on the courses that we have available please refer to the International Student Training Link in the drop down menu of flight training.