Commercial Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence

HSM take off at Bendigo Airport

This licence enables the holder to conduct private and commercial flights within Australia in good weather by day. The minimum age for the issue of a Commercial Pilot Licence is 18 years.

The applicant must be able to speak, read, write and comprehend the English language and be able to pass a CASA aviation medical.

150 Hours Flight Time

If you wish to continue your training and attain a Commercial Pilot Licence, you will need at least 200 hours of flying experience, with specified time spent as pilot in command, and both cross country and instrument flight experience.

If you enrol in an integrated CPL course with our school, this time may be reduced to 150 hours. The difference in hours reflects the different approach to the training. With the150-hour course, the theory and the flight training are coordinated and conducted together, whereas the 200-hour option is often arranged separately.

International High Standard

The training for the CPL is aimed at achieving a high standard of flying skill, knowledge and airmanship. You will be specifically instructed in the procedures for conducting commercial operations. This will include the management of passengers as well as the management of the aircraft. You will be consolidating all your knowledge and practical skill in navigational exercises, carrying out normal procedures and all types of emergency procedures. You will practice making many command decisions under pressure and in various circumstances in order to simulate real life situations and increase situational awareness.

Theory Examinations

Before you attempt the CPL flight test, you must pass the CPL theory examinations, covering similar subjects in the PPL, but to a greater degree of knowledge. You will also encounter human factors and limitations, and a complex aircraft loading system.

After passing the CPL flight test, you will be issued with the Commercial Pilot Licence. This licence entitles you to carry passengers for hire and reward when held in association with a licensed Air Operating Certificate. This licence is required to operate as a light aircraft charter pilot. You will now be able to fly as the pilot in command of a single pilot aircraft, or as the co-pilot in a multi-crew aircraft.

The minimum flight time required for the issue of a Commercial Pilot Licence is 150 hours total flight time, with at least 70 hours as pilot in command, 20 hours of cross country as pilot in command and 10 hours of instrument flight time.

This course information is for Australian residents not requiring a student visa, training only. If you are an International Prospective Student and would like information Learning to Fly please visit this website