Ground Training

Ground Training Rates

 Aircraft Checklists/Handling Notes $20
 ATC Pilot Log Book $30
 RPL/Basic Aeronautical Knowledge Course & Exam $POA
 Private Tuition $60/hr
 Log Book Endorsements $120
 ASA Headset $360
RPL Flight test fee (Note: You also need to allow for Solo Rates on Aircraft) $650
Private Pilot Licence theory & exam $POA
Flight test fee for PPL, CPL and Multi Engine Command Instrument Rating (Note: you also need to allow for Solo Rates, landing fees and other charges) $850
CASA Cyber Exam PPL $165
Commerial Pilot Licence Theory Course $POA
Instructor Only Training Single Engine $170/hr
Instructor Only Training Multi Engine $170/hr
Night VFR and IFR Training Loading $7/hour
  • Ground Effect On Line examinations $40
  • ASIC Processing $60
  • The cost information is for local Australian residents not requiring a student visa, training only
  • If you are an International Student requiring information, please visit
  • Rates are GST Exempt for clients that have enrolled in the Moorabbin Aviation Services Commercial Pilot Licence course